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January 2019
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Pimp or Die, Mack or Cry

If you’ve been down on your luck, maybe looking for new opportunities, perhaps you should consider the outstanding opportunities available to you in the lucrative field of Pimpin’.

The following business plan was taken from one of the world’s great pimps (until he got busted).
Now the government is making it available to the public for the first time.
Let’s just say it’s part of the “Stimulus Package.” Another job created or saved.

Hat tip

Keep It Pimpin

Pimp or Die, Mack or Cry


Keep It Pimpin

More serious about my money and future…this pimpin like it’s a business (only except their best)
Take care my bitches more better

…Other ways to work my hoes (internet, int. feature dancers, int. stud)
Discover hoes from all over (jail house) Small cities nationwide got hoes that…to be discovered. Stay in high pursuit looking for a prostitute.

Don’t never get too comfortable or lazy in my position.

Maintain and campaign (everything I do or buy. Make sure it’s a campaign tool)
…My word is my bond (keep it pimpin!)

Attend the Players Ball in Vegas (cross country pimpin! Establish my name internationally)
Take my game to the next level (from the concrete streets, to the executive suites).

Pimp or Die, Mack or Cry (play to win and plan to the end)

Set up a international operation (have five hoes on every coast
…Every hoe take a vow to hoeing!

…first, ass last! If I’m gonna take a chance, then I’m gonna the hoes money in advance!
Put my city on the map and establish my own players…
Stack money to the ceiling (safety deposit box)

Cash cars (buy not good cash cars that way I will…have cars if something goes bad.)
Minimize my budget (cash cars, houses, etc.)
Keep a good photographer (Split Second Video/Kings Flea Market)

Get in touch with Big Al out of Florida

PFM Boasts Record Job Gains - Expands Headquarters

Pup, Pup and Away!
Since its foundation, Puppet Free Media has experienced the greatest success story since Horatio Alger gave us Ragged Dick. In the last 5 months, PFM has created or saved nearly 600,000 jobs and lengthened or saved almost 100,000 lives.

This has been no small achievement. The odds have been stacked against us from the start. All the special interests have come out to cheer our early demise. There have been protesters, false accusations, ugly looks, mean-spirited innuendo, and some bad guacamole served at the April end of Quarter celebration which left the entire office sick or hospitalized for nearly a week.

Puppetastic Puppoplex
None of these attacks or setbacks have deterred us in our dogged determination to help you by helping ourselves. Today, we celebrate the success of that vision with the opening of our new Puppet Free Media world headquarters facility.

The Puppoplex®, a sprawling office complex capable of accommodating over 10-12, is located on our beautiful new P-Free Campus. The campus is the nation’s first all green facility built entirely atop an ancient puppet burial ground. When we saw the land for lease, we could think of nothing better to celebrate the dead, than to stamp the beautiful P-Free footprint on such hallowed ground.

In addition to the new facilities, we have also purchased 2 new Aeron Chairs and a large fish tank for the reception area. We will soon be in need of an intern to clean the fish tank, so please let us know if your college-age misfit is bound for a life of disappointment. We would be glad to consider bringing him or her aboard.

2 Week Hiatus —
Over the next two weeks, we will be moving our offices into the Puppoplex and will be unable to provide updated news and special reports. During that period, in the spirit of the late Johnny Carson, we will provide reruns of our fans’ most beloved P-Free Media posts.

When we return, we promise, there will be more fun and excitement than ever before. Added material. Pictures, pages, posts. PFM Fan files. Classified ads. Cartoons, t-shirts, and P-Free Paraphernalia. Some new directions. And a whole host of crowd pleasers sure to give even our most flaccid fans a puppogasm to be proud of.


Fabulous Opportunity

We received this post in the PFM emailbox. It wasn’t addressed to anyone on the staff. In fact, the PFM email address was nowhere on the email. It wasn’t in the “To” field. It wasn’t in the “From” field.

We’ve redacted the email addresses anyway just in case they’re real addresses.

The reason we’ve posted it though is the wonderful writing style. Obviously English is not this person’s first language. Which is fine. But even if we took the email as legit, would anyone really get excited by the promise of “face to face fights?”

This company may in fact offer benefits that are rare and a “high” annual salary of “30k bucks.” But do they really want to use that as a selling point? Might as well be offering “paycheck not late always” and “boss does not enjoy sex with employee.”

Click here for larger view

Job Offer

Job Offer

China cancels U.S. credit card; Time for Bullion

Another great video from

Check this article: link. Looks like the U.S is going to have to print a lot more cash to pay the bills. Good luck with that.

Sounds like a time for Bullion!

P.S.: Not sure why Google has Mark Kirk listed as a Senator. But that’s beside the point.


The Myth of Sunny Disposition Economics

(Season 13: Margaritaville, first aired on Comedy Central Mar. 26th 2009)

Last week’s episode of South Park was funny. But the learning moment was a bit off the mark.

The lesson that Kyle “teaches” the community only perpetuates the myth that somehow the primary driver of consumer purchasing habits is “mood” or “feeling.” As though somehow if we could just get everyone in America permanently hopped up on Ecstasy, the mood would change and we’d all feel motivated to spend more.

Just to be clear, it’s a FACT that the key determinant of a consumer’s decision to purchase anything is the amount of money he/she has available to spend. Marketing studies show that “actually having money to spend” ranks even higher than “available in fuchsia” or “optional cup holders” as a consumer behavior indicator.
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