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December 2018
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Cat Found!

Found on the internet. Damn! That is one ugly cat.

CatFound(click the pic to zoom)

Correction: Cats Don’t Save Lives!

Alamogordo, Aug. 13 (PFM): The PFM story dated July 25th entitled Cats Save Lives! Another Example of Cat Heroism may have inadvertently led many readers to believe that cats had saved lives.

Information received since the event indicates that the pets identified as “cats” were in fact “dogs.” All references to a cat or cats in the story should be replaced by the word dog or dogs, respectively.

Further, it should be noted that Mr. Claws, the cat identified in the story as having dragged the baby to safety, was actually a dog known as Mr. Paws. As well, it is fair to assume that the cat referred to as Buddy was not a “gun cat,” and most likely did not “pick up his life saving instincts while accompanying his owner on hunting trips.”

We have also been informed that the Pointed Wirehair Griffon is not a breed of cat, and there are no cat breeds “renowned for their pointing, flushing and retrieving” skills.

We apologize to anyone who re-posted our story or e-mailed it to friends. Your embarrassment is shared by the PFM staff.

China cancels U.S. credit card; Time for Bullion

Another great video from

Check this article: link. Looks like the U.S is going to have to print a lot more cash to pay the bills. Good luck with that.

Sounds like a time for Bullion!

P.S.: Not sure why Google has Mark Kirk listed as a Senator. But that’s beside the point.

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