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February 2019
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Humidity Makes McDeke a Hot Commodity

HumidityHollywood (PFM): Director Butler McDeke is no favorite of critics. But “BM,” as he’s called on set, is no fan of critics either.

His latest directorial effort, “Humidity: Nights of Terror,” is set to release this weekend. Starring Tig Fiels, Brittnee Anzgt, and buff bad-boy Van Paynze, the film is the last installment in the “Water Particles Trilogy.”

Reviewers have ridiculed the new sequel about lurking moisture-borne particulates as nothing more than a series of crowd-pleasing explosions and gratuitous oozing flesh scenes.

A sequel to the Christmas 2007 smash “Sleet” and 2005’s “Steam”, the film once again follows the exploits of forensic microbiologist Ax Broady (Fiels) and his feisty love-interest, meteorologist Angel Tiegstrom (Anzgt).

Some detractors and hard-core fans are bothered by the return of the Angel character to the trilogy. In “Steam,” Angel died in a shocking and controversial scene that had her skin boiled off.

“Her return makes sense in the story,” McDeke says. “The complainers need to see the movie before they complain. And then they can f— off.”

[warning: spoiler alert] LA Times critic Klaus Mahler is skeptical, “‘Steam’ was more than a BM, it was a steamer. ‘Sleet’ made me want to ‘sleet’ my throat. And now we’ve got this sweat-drenched cacophony of talking funguses from outer-space and a bizarre conspiracy involving Neptune, the Roman god of water. I can’t wait.”

Despite the critical opposition, fans are bursting with excitement. “When it’s a BM, you’ve got to go, baby,” exclaimed Van Paynze, who was an avid McDeke enthusiast long before he was picked for this film.

McDeke’s eight movies have helped him build a lucrative career around weather related tragedy. The 2005 action thriller, “Operation: Tepid Response” is McDeke’s only production that neglected to include nature as the primary antagonist.

Out Cold,” “Sun Burn,” and “Dust Up,” all centered around weather related natural disasters. Only “Thunderstormz,” McDeke’s first film, failed to break the $100 million mark in domestic theaters.

“Talk about nice weather,” McDeke rhapsodizes, “The most beautiful time of year is the pleasin’ season, when the people are happy and the air smells of money.”

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Reported by Jake M – Health, Fitness, Lifestyles, and Entertainment contributor

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