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June 2009
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Little Red Riding Hood

Imagine if you took the children’s storybook tale of Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated it like an IKEA catalog, and layered in one of those Techno beat tracks that all the pretentious elite European types like so much.

Well, imagine no longer. Your dream has come true! Courtesy of Tomas Nilsson

Your business card is crap!

This Joel Bauer guy is very earnest. Something to think about next time you don’t close a deal or make things happen, maybe it was your business card … or maybe you’re just a clown.

Tree Eats Little Boy

The accused, pictured here in 1984 as a sapling, about the same age as the young victim

The accused, pictured here in 1984 as a sapling, about the same age as the young victim

Mason County, Sept. 9 (PFM): 8 year-old Caleb Cunningham was eaten by a tree at about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday. His parents and two neighbors witnessed the event.

The boy had just begun climbing the 32 year old Live Oak when the incident occurred. “It was weird. It just started swallowin’ him whole,” said MayBeth Cunningham, the boy’s mother. “I told Earl run get the camera, but time he got back it was done over with.”

Neighbor Harley Creel quickly retrieved a chainsaw and began cutting at the base of the tree, 3 feet below where the boy was ingested. The dazed youngster was safely removed from the belly of the tree with the help of rope and a jar of petroleum jelly.

“Yeah, we was lucky Caleb didn’t get sawed in half,” said Earl Pratt, the boy’s stepfather. “I sure hated losing that tree though.”

Apparently traumatized, Caleb has no memory of the event. Overwhelmed by curious crowds, Pratt has begun charging admission to view the felled tree.

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